If you play any sport, then it is vital that you maximise stability and mobility, whilst minimising pain, and with many sports, this boils down to ensuring that you have the correct footwear and making sure that it is performing the way it should. In most sports, the shoe itself has a part to play in assisting you to achieve your best, be this a specific sole on a running shoe, a stud on a football boot, or the spikes on a golf shoe; however, the shoe can only ever be part of the process.

If we take the game of golf as our example here, you could own a pair of the best golf shoes available today, and yet the key to ensuring that stability and mobility are maintained, rests primarily with understanding what your foot does in that shoe. If you have existing issues such as Hallux Valgus, or a bunion to you and me, suffer with an arthritic foot, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, in fact, any number of foot problems, then it is vital that you seek help and advice from a qualified Orthotist at the earliest opportunity, as this can reduce pain, and prevent future deformity or injury. Playing on regardless, will also be doing your game no favours either, as lack of stability and pain resulting from not addressing underlying issues, will only serve to hinder your progress towards the 19thhole!

So, if you play golf, and you’re finding that you are experiencing greater pain, reduced mobility, and are feeling less stable, then book your consultation with an experienced and HCPC registered Orthotist, and let them help you to bring down your handicap!


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